My goal with The Write Idea has been to produce enjoyable, quality writing that doesn’t compromise on my convictions. And I’m so glad I’ve started. But to proceed with this goal (and to proceed even better!) I think I should stop. I plan to stop the blog. For now. I need to stop so I […]

Metaphorically Speaking

The task is only as hard as the head of the person in charge of making you do it. At least, that’s what my grandpa always said. Before he passed away. Nearly four years had passed by since then, but his wise sayings stuck on my mind like mud on a piece of wood covered […]

How Much?

Wood flew in every direction. Soaring through the air, log after log sped past the amazed spectators’ eyes. Few – nay, nobody had ever witnessed this incredible feat before. In the center of the impromptu crowd, a woodchuck was chucking wood. With a small grunt, the mammal heaved another piece of lumber. Then another. And […]

Best Acquaintance

Jack decided not to waste time trying to make it perfect. It would be forgotten shortly. Throwing the finishing touches of carelessness on the card, Jack stuffed it inside a plain envelope and wrote “Happy Birthday” in doctor’s handwriting across the front. Or back. Which was which on an envelope, anyway? With that train-wreck of […]

When In Doubt…

How did it happen? No clue. How do we fix it? Lots of duct tape. Whether or not this was how professionals repaired a smoking engine, I didn’t know. But it should be enough to convince my passengers that I had everything under control. Discarding the empty cardboard roll, I slammed the hood on my […]

Nobody Noise

Whoomp! “What was that noise?” “What noise?” Whoomp! Whoomp! “That noise.” Burt trembled. Henry felt a tremor crawl down his spine. WHOOMP! “Run!” he screamed, abandoning their camp in the woods for fear of his life. Henry and Burt bolted in the opposite direction of the terrifying crashes. Their feet pounded through the forest as […]

Assistance Insistence

“Can I help you?” “With what?” “I don’t know, you’re the one who needs help.” “Says who?” “I did.” “Why?” “Because it looked like you needed help.” “Do I?” “How should I know? I’m not the one who asked for help.” “I didn’t ask for help either.” “Help for what?” “Nothing, I didn’t ask.” “Then […]

Sleepless, Not Seattle

Exhaustion clung to my body like a bad metaphor. The only thing keeping me awake was the inability to fall asleep. Too tired to do anything useful, and too useful to do anything tiring, I stood still with drooping eyelids. It had been half an eternity since the last time I slept, and my body […]

Quit Playing Games

The car’s clock changed to 11:04 PM. Where is he? From the dark alleyway across from the pawn shop, Jeremy glanced around anxiously. His brother was supposed to be here by now. It’s not that hard to stuff a few things into a duffel bag! Come on Derek, grab the merchandise and go! Jeremy hated […]

Barely Farewell

Shoulders drooped, Daniel shuffled along the cold sidewalk. A tear-stained note sat, crumpled, in his left hand, right where Susie’s fingers used to rest. All day long, he had been unable to let go of the paper, nor the words on it. The noise of bustling pedestrians all around him reached his ears, but the […]